November 22, 2010


Things that have made me cry in past few weeks:

~ watching the end of "Cinderella" with Kenners (the part where the glass slipper breaks but then Cinderella whips out the matching slipper)

~ listening to the Hallelujah Chorus on Pandora

~ having to cook Kenners an egg for breakfast

~ learning that with a growth in our congregation at church, I now have 35+ children in Nursery

~ getting our Christmas cards back from Costco only to realize that our family photo is pretty badly shadowed and a little blurry

~ throwing up/feeling sick

~ watching Kenners read books to herself

~ seeing pictures of my cousin's new baby girl, born just a few days ago!

~ not being able to find a much-needed receipt from Michael's

~ looking at the clock at 11:30pm and realizing I'm still awake

No over-exaggeration: these have all caused either a tearing-up or a blubber-fest.  I don't believe I have cried so much in the last five years combined!  Yeesh. What is happening to me??
(Thank-you, pregnancy hormones!?)

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