November 19, 2010

29 Reasons Why I Can't Live Without Garrett

I'd say I'm allowed three "mushy posts" a year about how wonderful my husband is: on Valentine's Day, on our Anniversary, and on his birthday.  So I'll TRY to tone down the mushiness and just list 29 reasons (in no particular order) why I'm crazy about this guy in honor of his 29th Birthday (he's getting so old!):

29. He has the world's greatest laugh.

28. He is a massage therapist and never hesitates to work on me after I've had a "long day".

27. He is one of the happiest, most positive people I know. 

26. He has amazing patience, without which we probably would have never gotten married! :)

25. His perfectly chiseled muscles make him look like a GQ model. 

24. He loves kids and is the best (and often the favorite) uncle in the world.

23. He sings in the shower and actually has a pretty good vibrato!  Too bad it's the only time he'll ever sing....

22. He cooks a pretty perfect fried egg (something in those Christensen genes).

21. He is one hot Chargers fan!

20. He is Kenadie's fAvOrItE person in the whole wide world.

19. I haven't taken out the trash in over three years because he always does it and it feels awesome!

18. His health-conscious mindset is going to help us live to be 100+.

17. Despite his health-consciousness, he never hesitates to treat himself to Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

16. He loves to share the gospel with others.

15. He says hilarious things in his sleep.

14. He is going to be "Dr. Garrett Christensen, DC" in one year from yesterday, and will be the BEST chripractor.

13. He sings Bob Marley songs to Kenners when he cuddles with her.

12. He took me to the temple to get married.

11. He loves his mother and treats her like a queen.  Consequently, he treats ME like a queen! :)

10. He likes to learn about everything from health to our nation's Constitution, and gets excited to share with me what he learns.

9. He gets excited about A LOT of things actually.  It's kind of cute, and will always make life fun and new.

8. He takes over a lot of the yucky household chores when I'm sick and pregnant (like scrubbing the shower and tub).  Thanks, hun!

7. He puts my comfort and happiness before his own.

6. He doesn't stress about life.

5. His greatest goal in life is to serve and help others....and then to play lots and lots. :)

4. He is one fun (and funny) daddy!

3. He makes the world's yummiest chocolate chip cookie.

2. He tells me I'm beautiful almost every single day (even when I look like poo, which at that point is sometimes a little annoying).

1. He supports me in all I do and encourages me to pursue my interests, talents, and hobbies.

Kenners and I love and appreciate you so much!

1 comment:

Claire Christensen said...

Happy Birthday to Garrett,
What a cute post! It makes me feel so good that you love my son and that he has such great qualities. I agree with you 100%, he is an amazing young man and is a whole lot of FUN! I especially loved #2, it made me laugh because I can relate big time! Love you both lots and lots,

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