July 31, 2010

My favorite part of the day

 Twice every day--once at about 11am and then again at 7:45pm--Kenners' lively, often-destructive playtime begins to shift from being accompanied by constant jabber to being accompanied by constant whining and crying.  
It is at this transition moment that I think, "Sweet!  She's tired."
I change her diaper, have her grab her security blankey (made by Auntie Adrienne),
grab her bottle of milk, and head to the rocking chair in her room.  

These two times during the day are my fAvOriTe,
not because she is going to sleep and I get a "break" (which actually feels more like a deprivation of her cuteness),
but because I looooove to rock and cuddle my baby. 
She is not a cuddly child, so right before nap-time and nighttime it's the only time she'll snuggle close to me.
I love to sing her Primary songs from church while she drinks her bottle.  
I love to run my hands through her wiry, unruly hair.  
I love how she sometimes reaches up and tries to pick my nose or shove her fist into my mouth. 
And I love how when I then set her down in her crib, she snuggles into her blankey, grabs her baby doll close to her (also made by Auntie Adrienne!)
and goes to sleep.
Life doesn't get any better than those 5-10 minutes. :)

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