July 28, 2010

Take me back to Argentina

I got to do my favorite task as a nurse today: clipping fungus-y toenails and cleaning icky feet.
A few times while clipping the nails, little bits would go flying in my face and hair.
By the end of the day, I'm pretty sure I had been bathed in an aroma of stinky feet.
I felt yucky.
Soon after I got home from work,
Garrett came home and told me that he would take care of Kenadie and feed her dinner so that I could go work out.
(Isn't he the best!?)
I had a great work out (although I determined today that I could never be a runner unless I got a new knee. or at least some really good running shoes).
I came home all nast, stinky, and red-faced, but glad to have been able to work up a sweat while my wonderful husband held down the fort.
Garrett was finishing feeding Kenners.
Everything seemed great and under control.
Then Garrett told me that they went to the pool before dinner and that Kenners was still in her swim diaper.
"Um, honey, you realize that swim diapers aren't made to absorb pee, just to hold poo."
"Yes.  I bet Kenners is sitting in a puddle of urine."
And she was.
And the puddle was overflowing down the highchair, on the floor, and Kenners was splashing in it.
And then Garrett had to leave for our our church's youth activity night.
So Kenners and I had a wet, drippy, slippery time of cleaning up the pee while I was lookin' (and probably smelling) like poo.
One bathtub for Kenners and 20 disinfectant wipes later,
I glanced over at the screen-saver on our computer and saw this picture:

Taken four years ago.
At a huge soccer game in Argentina.
Photographers were swarming the field during half time to get pictures of the blonde Americans.
We were in all the newspapers the next day.
They called us "Las Bellezas" and we felt like celebrities.

I looked at this picture while covered in pee, sweat, and stinky-feet-smell
and thought:
I'd like--just for a half hour or so--to go back to that day when we received dozens of cat calls, had a taxi driver refuse to let us pay because we were "so beautiful", and ended up in the newspaper the next day.
Just for a half hour.
Just for a little ego boost.

But then I saw these pictures:

where we spent our days working in a maternity hospital

and then these ones:
taken at Iguazu Falls
and I realized that actually, I'd just like to go back to Argentina.
For dozens and dozens of reasons.
Those 6 weeks were magic.

P.S. For the record, I can say with 99.9999% certainty that there is not a more beautiful place on this planet than Iguazu Falls.  Do yourself a favor and go there sometime in your life..... 

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The Wilson Family said...

Awww, those pictures gave me chills Holly! That really was a wonderful trip. I miss you!!

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