August 3, 2010

Excuses, excuses!

I've been slacking a little on my blog; not writing as frequently, and what I write has been a little boring (as evidenced by the lack of comments.  believe me, I understand.)   
But I have reasons for this; excuses, if you will.
Garrett hates excuses.  "I don't want excuses, I want results!"  Or something like that.  
Well, honey, just don't read this post. :) 

I made 8 dozen cookies the other day.  Overkill?  Probably.  
But I used them as a snack--and a bribe for good behavior and reverance--for 14 rambunctious little toddlers in our church Nursery.
Story about that to come later.....
oh, and I used the rest of the cookies for a few get-togethers with friends over the weekend.

Which brings me to my next excuse:
we've had plenty of play dates, family outings, and get-togethers with friends lately.
Parks.  Dinners.  Hanging out.  Pool time.  BBQs.  Farmers' Market.  
Summer, I LOVE you!

I am working mucho mucho.
I have a lot to get done at work before we leave for our Utah trip next week
and among the laundry list of things to do:
24, wrinkly, stinky feet. 
At least my little old Alzheimer patients are as cute as a bug's ear
and one lady always addresses me as "Unis" whenever I see her. :)

Speaking of working, I've been very religious this summer about working out and being in good shape feels fabulous!

Wherever I go, Kenners insists on walking.
It's great, and I'm loving her mobility (she sure is a heavy gal to lug around!)
but because she has to walk everywhere, it eats up a lot of time.
  For example, a 2 minute walk down the hall of our complex and down 3 flights of stairs to the garage now takes 10-15 minutes.
And I hope all this exercise doesn't melt Kenners cheeks off! :(

I read Hunger Games and Catching Fire in preparation for Book Club tonight.
Okay everyone: Gale or Peeta??
I hear these books are being turned into movies.
How are they going to pull that off without an "R" rating!?
No matter.  The books made for some fun, fast entertainment.
Third book comes out in a few weeks!! :)

I'm getting ready to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of me putting on this fabulous dress....

 ...marrying this wonderful man in the most sacred, beautiful place on earth...

....and starting our happily ever after:
Celebration: tomorrow.
Thanks to Kelsey for being so willing to watch Kenners for a few hours so we can go out!
And thank you, Garrett, for being the most incredible husband and friend a girl could have. 
Life is so much better with you in it.
I love you, Gar!

And my last excuse:
I have started a second blog to record my journey and discoveries as I seek better health.
Check it out here.
I have about a dozen posts to write for that blog right now
but I haven't yet
because of  all my excuses listed above. :)

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Kristy said...

Happy Anniversary! It was fun seeing your wedding/bridal pictures. It caused a brief stroll down memory lane as I recalled the wonderful week we spent in Alaska. The culminating event, of course, being your sealing. Thanks for letting us be a part of it!

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