June 14, 2011

This is my life

This was my life 5 years ago:
On a study abroad for nursing school in Argentina, working in a maternity hospital, enjoying the last of my college years .

This was my life 4 years ago:
engaged to the most handsome and incredible man, working as a nurse in the ICU in Utah, getting ready for my new life as "Holly Christensen". 

This was my life 3 years ago:
married to my sweetheart, living in Texas, working as an Oncology nurse, enjoying the newlywed phase of life before the arrival of children. 

This was my life 2 years ago:
Living in Minnesota while Garrett was finishing his first year of chiropractic school, days away from welcoming Kenadie into our family. 

This was my life one year ago:
wife to a busy chiropractic student, mom to the spunkiest, greatest little girl, nurse to Alzheimer's patients, absolutely loving life.

And this is my life today:
my arms are full with my fun, little toddler and my sweet, new baby.  I am running on very little sleep and my hair has not seen a blow-dryer or curling iron in awhile.  
My wonderful husband is busy and gone all day while he finishes up chiropractic school before we move our family to Alaska in 8 short weeks.  
My life seems a little full and hectic right now.  I wish I had an extra pair of arms and that sleep was not necessary to function properly.
I haven't been happier in the five previous, awesome years than I am now.
Oh, how I love my family and my life. :)


Kirstin - Klinton - Max - Krieg Starr said...

Talk about living life to the fullest!!!! How happy for you. And Lila is just beautiful. I can't get over all that hair (all three of my babies are basically baldies). Congrats on moving back up to Alaska, but I am pretty sure you were supposed to move to Utah so we could be real friends (not just internet ones)

Holly June said...

Kirstin, you'll have to blame my husband for the not moving to Utah thing. :( And I can't believe how much hair my kids have either! I was bald with white hair until I was two!

The Allen Family said...

Oh how life changes! Lila is absolutely precious and kenadie looks cute as ever. Miss you like crazy and am so excited that you get to move home. How exciting! Good luck with getting ready to move. I hope it goes well and smooth!

Meg said...

What a fun post, Holly! I love remembering all the years we've been friends. Now you're making me reflect on my own last 5 years. :)

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