June 15, 2011

We love you, Grandma

Grandma Christensen made the long flight across the country to be here for Lila's birth.  
She was wonderful: doing the grocery shopping, the laundry, the cooking, all while having a nasty case of laryngitis!  
She sacrificed her i-phone for the nearly 2 weeks we were here so that Kenners could play on her apps 24/7 (yikes!).
She rubbed my feet during labor.  
Right after giving birth to Lila, she gave me the most beautiful necklace with Lila's birthstone on it.
She made sure that Lila had plenty of cute onesies and jammies when she came into the world. 
She took Kenners to the park.
She made me the world's yummiest chocolate cake for my early birthday celebration.
She got me the cutest purse from Lillian's Shoppe (one of my favorite stores) for my birthday. 
She gave lots of grandma-love to Kenadie and Lila. 
Since she left a few days ago, Kenners has woken up every day and after every nap asking for "gamma!"  She cried a little this morning when I reminded her that Grandma had gone home.

Mom, you are an angel and words can't express our love for you and our appreciation for all you did despite being so sick while you were here.  We hope you recover quickly and can now enjoy time with Nicole and Alani while they're in San Diego visiting. :) 
Me miss you! 


Anonymous said...

GREAT 3-generational photo!!

Claire Christensen said...

Thank You Holly, that was very nice! I sure loved every minute being there with you and the whole incredible experience of Lila's birth! How blessed I am to have such a wonderful daughter-in-law!!Miss you all tons! And I am feeling much better, and having a fantastic time with Nicole and Alani, thanks. Can't wait to see you in Aug!!!

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