June 16, 2011

Sweet Little Lila

Dear precious girl,
I've waited 9 long months to meet you.  I puked a lot the first half and spent a few afternoons in the hospital when I jut couldn't stop throwing up or remain conscious.  I enjoyed seeing you on the ultrasound kicking your little frog legs against my stomach and loved feeling you wiggle around inside of me.  I wondered what you would look like.  Would all my kids have a similar "look" that identified them as "Christensen children"?  Would you have massive amounts of dark hair like your sister or your daddy's little ears, or would you have a look all your own?  I endured the heartburn, charlie horses, back aches, and nausea.  I survived the exquisite pain of childbirth so that I could meet you. 
And now you're here.
And you are beautiful. 
You do look a lot like your sister, Kenadie.  Similar eyes, long fingers and toes, very tall, dark hair.  But you do have your own little dainty look, too, complete with perfectly poofy lips.
Now that I know what you look like, I wonder what your little personality will be like.  Do you hold the same sassy factor that your sister has?  Will you love to dance and sing the way she does?  I can already sense a unique calming spirit about you, though you can cry like the dickens when you have had enough neglect (while I take care of big sister) and just want to be held!  And when I pick you up, you calm right down and become instantly happy. :)  I so look forward to getting to know the little person you are and will become as you grow. 
For now, I am completely in love and enjoying every snuggle moment, every night feeding, and every moment you are alert and bright-eyed (which is quite frequent so far!).  You are perfect and we are so happy to finally have you here with us in our family.
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