January 22, 2012

She's driving me sane!

Last week was one of those "when it rains it pours" kind of weeks for me.  Cuz you know, crappy happenings have to come in groups of 10 or something, never just one at a time.  It included the following:

~ I was about to go home after work and my car would not shift into gear.  So I was stuck at work until after 9pm when Garrett drove up with our screaming-tired girls to fix the car's shifting issues so I could drive home.  (Thanks, honey!)

~ When we got home we had no running water.  After spending a few hours on the phone, we figured out how to get the pump working so we would have running water by the morning.

~ I woke up to discover that we had no water pressure and our garage was flooded with 4 inches of water.  I had to wake up Garrett to deal with it so I could speed off to work.

~ A few hours into my work day one of my patients unexpectedly died.  It was traumatizing.

~ Speaking of traumatizing, pooping in the toilet has been just that for Kenners, and it has thrown a huge wrench into the "potty training is a breeze" thing.  Poor little girl!

~ When I got home from work, I discovered that on top of some frozen/broken pipes, our washing machine was broken.

~ The next day Kenners got sick and puked her way through quite a few clothes which I have no washing machine for until it gets fixed on Friday.

With the incredible wind storm we've been having, I'm half expecting a tree to fall on our house or something.  It sure would seem like an appropriate time.....  

But then this morning Kenadie woke up at 6:45am asking to "snuggle Mommy".  She laid between Garrett and I in bed, patted my back, held my hand, and gave me kisses.  Um, who is this little girl!?  
She let me do her hair for church today without a fuss.  Wha!?
And then she asked to feed Lila her bottle while Mommy finished getting herself ready.  Seriously?? 
She kept kissing and patting Lila's cheeks and saying, "C'mon, hold my hand Lila, you silly goose!"  

There are definitely days when that girl drives me insane:  the tantrums, throwing food, hitting, drawing on the walls with ink, drawing on herself with ink.
But after a week like last week and after a morning like this morning, I think she actually just drove me back to sanity!  
So thank you, Kenners, for being the band-aid to my bad week.
You have reminded me that every day is "just another day in paradise". 
Honestly, how would I manage without you!?


g.r.o.u.n.d.e.d. said...

I am glad your little cherubs bring you such joy. I am happy for you. :)

I have told you before about Maxx- future husband to one of your girlies. Anyway, his grandma is my identical twin sister. When she goes to baby-sit, I go with to help her. Plus, I adore and love the "babies" as much as she does. He knows there must be some familial relationship between her and me because we are always together at his house, but he does not understand the concept of "aunt". So, he calls her grandma and me grandpa. (But, he does know I have "boobies"- so, I guess I am the "grandpa with boobies.")

He will add so much to your family- there will NEVER be a boring moment, I assure you. :)

Happy night.

love and respect, always. C

Tara and Bryce Raleigh said...

wow! you are so positive love you and your sweet posts and your sweet little family! can we please get together one day soon!!!!

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