May 11, 2010


Since getting my first glance of Kenners
I've been grateful to be a mom and have loved it.
However, I sometimes thought--during her first six months--that motherhood was going to kill me.
Okay, maybe that's a little dramatic,
but I definitely thought that I had it tough.
It was a rare moment when my baby was not screaming.
I rejoiced if I ever got four hours of sleep total in a night.
I occasionally went to work on one hour of sleep because I had been up with a screaming baby.
I fell asleep once or twice in the middle of morning rounds at work while writing out the day's notes; it was terribly embarrassing.
And often, when I was having "woe is me" moments at 3am,
I went to this blog 
written by this beautiful mother
to remind myself that regardless of any circumstance, I live a very charmed life
simply because I get to be a mother.
This mother helped keep me grounded.
She really does have it "tough"
and she still keeps going with a positive attitude and great sense of humor.
She has mastered the art of counting her blessings, always.
After a Mother's Day of Gar making a big breakfast, a yummy dinner and dessert, doing the dishes, and giving me a dozen roses and a foot rub,
I got to watch this video.
Once again, I was reminded of my blessings,
how everything life gives me is a blessing in one way or another,
and once again
I feel inspired to be a better, happier, more grateful mother this year.


Talia said...

Her story is pretty amazing! I too watched this video the other day and reflected on the many things in my life that I complain about... changed my perspective completely.

Merkley Jiating said...

I love that video and each time a person posts it, I watch it again. Amazing woman.

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