May 8, 2010

Dear Mother, all flowers remind me of you

Motherhood is the hardest but best calling ever given to women,
something I never fully appreciated or understood until this past year.
So this year, more than any other,
I am very grateful for (and in awe of) 
the mothers in my life.
There are too many to publicly post about and thank,
but the two most important:

(See that gorgeous bridal bouquet? Yeah, those are my mom's flowers!)

As a former Miss Alaska, you know you're still a hot mom and as beautiful as any flower
but that is not the only reason all flowers remind me of you.
Around this time of year, I miss transplanting, weeding, and picking all your beautiful flowers beside you. 
Those were times when we bonded, and I miss them.
As a Super Oberg you're amazing regardless, 
but because you're my mom, that makes you extra super in my eyes. 
Thanks for having the guts and sanity to raise seven of us (seriously, how did you do that!?).
Thanks for winning over Garrett when we frolicked through the hills at Hatcher's Pass. ;)
Thanks for my love of bread baking, singing, garage-salin', and penny-pinching.
Thanks for your example of mothering which I hope will make me a good mom to Kenners.
Thanks for your constant support and love.
Even a greedy girl couldn't ask for more!
I love you.

(After Kenadie's first day of church, 9 days old)

Claire, not only have you been a wonderful mother to your son (and all your children, for that matter)
but you are a wonderful mother-in-law to me.
I don't really like the name "mother-in-law" 
because it sounds too formal, too impresonal
and I feel very fortunate to have a wonderful, fun, close relationship to you.
Thank you for always staying involved, supportive, and in touch.
Thank you for the many wonderful memories of all our vacations.
Thank you for our week-and-a-half of P90X craziness while we visited.
Thank you for loving me like your own. :)
I love you.

Happy Mother's Day
to all women, everywhere.

1 comment:

Claire Christensen said...

Holly, thank you for your words of love! I am so blessed to have you as a daughter. I want to thank your parents for raising such an incredible daughter! And Garrett for being worthy of such a beautiful woman! Thank you for being the most loving mother ever! Your love for Kenadie shines! You're a doll and I love you!
We sure have fun together, don't we?

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