May 7, 2010

Worth a Thousand Words

Well, maybe just 262........

......we are at the Denver Airport during a layover.
Caleb is striking a pose.
He is definitely a ham! (and I have dubbed him a future heart-breaker/ladies' man with his good looks and giant personality.  Watch out Kyle and Talia!  Be prepared for swarming teenage girls in about 8 years....)
Kyle and Talia are one good-lookin' and cute couple!
Busy with three kids and hours of working overtime doesn't show at all.
How do they do that!?
Kyle has a colorful band-aid on his finger.
That means he has little kids who love pretty band-aids.
It also means he is a handy-man around the house (or that he cut himself at work!?). 
With Ava's beautiful blonde hair, doe-brown eyes, and equally giant personality to Caleb's, 
Kyle and Talia also better be prepared for swarming teenage boys in about 10 years. 
Yikes, guys!  You're gonna be busy....
Ava is playing with hot sauce packets:
Taco Bell! 
Quinn is probably the best-behaved baby ever.  Look at that cute little face!  Already knows how to look for the camera!
Talia has a pink cell phone, like mine! Except hers looks nicer.
Mine is a piece of junk that is threatening to die any day now.
Kenadie is reaching for the veggie straws.  This girl is determined to keep those cheeks!
Garrett isn't in the picture.  He's busy being the photographer.
I am thinking to myself, "We will have a good flight!  We will have a good flight!"  
The only good thing about it was that it ended!
But almost missing our flight was worth it to see our Christensen cousins who we haven't seen in nearly 2 years! 

And here's proof that Uncle Garrett was there to play with the kiddos:


Talia said...

Hahaha! That's good!
I never even noticed Kyle's Handy Manny bandaid... I guess kids bandaids are an all too familiar sight on our adult hands! At least it wasn't Hannah Montana!

It was so fun to see you guys. And so weird that it was the first time meeting Kenadie!! lol "Is she crawling yet?" I def had had a loooong week. You can't see it in this picture but my eyes were blood shot and glossy. :)

Caleb and Ava are going to have so much fun wrestling with their Uncle real soon!!!

Claire Christensen said...

I am so glad you were able to get together! What adorable pics. You are very perceptive, I love it! I am hoping you'll forget how horible that trip was, just like how we forget the pain of giving birth, so you will fly back again to see us!!

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