May 12, 2010

Must-have Mufflers

Several people have told me that I will one day regret Kenadie's addiction to her pacifiers.
Well, if that's true, then at least I'm sure enjoying it now!
Having that little plug in her mouth limits the other little treasures she finds on the ground from going in her mouth. 
Not to mention, it really is Kenadie's muffler.  That girl has a nice set of pipes, with decibels loud enough to reach the heavens and induce mommy headaches.  
Sometimes it's nice to have a solution to lots of screeching and an instant soother that helps Kenadie fall asleep nice and easy (which has been a great source of gratitude for me these past few months!).
Kenadie's mufflers are a close-second necessity for this momma next to diapers and wipes.
The only trouble is, these little things disappear faster than my money when shopping at Costco.
It doesn't matter if I just had a dozen laying around the other day.  
Every few days, I am guaranteed to be searching high and low for these dang things.
Often, I can't find them and end up having to go buy more.  And inevitably, I will find them all within 5 minutes of returning home with the new ones.  Figures.
The other day I hit the jackpot when I found 10 mufflers hiding in, under, and behind Kenadie's crib while I was changing her bedding.  Awesome!  This guarantees me at least a few days of having a muffler close by and on hand without having to send out a search party. 
And it guarantees a little peace, quiet, and cuteness while we continue to battle this stupid stomach bug that will not leave.


Merkley Jiating said...

I think I love Alex's pacifiers more than he does. But my goal is to wean him of it by the time he is walking. I lose them all the time, too! Where do those things disappear to?!

Claire Christensen said...

Adrienne was my sucker! I wanted to wean her from the pacifiers when she was around one so one day I through it out the car window and said Oh oh it's all gone. I can't remember much after that except when I put her in the nursery at church she saw someone sucking their thumb and low and behold she started sucking her thumb which she sucked until she went to kindergarten(I got her to stop because I said that kids didn't suck their thumbs at school). But then when she went to school and saw other kids sucking their thumbs so she starts up again. It was very tough to get her to quit. But she was the only one that was like that.

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