May 13, 2010

Credit where credit is due

With the busy-ness of family in town and daily trips to fun places during Kenners first weeks of life,
we were very grateful to often see a content, sleeping baby girl.
At about week #4
it all stopped and Kenners became that baby who screamed all the time and never slept.
But then again, you all knew that since in I often posted about it during my middle-of-the-night delirium.
So sorry about that.
Even after 6 months when the colic finally subsided, Kenners still always had issues with sleeping, no matter what we did to remedy it.
Well, since I have whined and complained about those difficult times,
it is only fair that I express my indescribable joy that Kenadie has recently become an AWESOME sleeper.
In the past two months, she has (usually) been sleeping 10 hours at night and taking two good naps during the day. 
Oh, happy day!
And it is amazing what a difference it has made in her mood (and mine, I must confess)! 
She is a much happier little girl now that she has figured out this sleep thing
and she is so much fun!
I have become quite the lazy person recently
because I would rather play with Kenners and watch her learn and grow
than do dishes, or laundry, or clean, or cook, 
or do other projects that I should be doing as an aspiring Super Oberg.
But I really can't help it....I have just been discovering how much fun being a mom really is!
Thank-you, thank-you, Kenners, for becoming a sleeping champ!

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