May 15, 2010

Dear Hapari Swimsuit:

 I am so excited for you to arrive.  Even more, I am excited for warm weather to arrive in Minnesota so that I can wear you and go swimming.  And even more than that, I am excited to take you to Bear Lake this summer.  Jet skis, water, sand, sun, games, volleyball, family, and plenty of deeeeelicious food.  T-minus 3 months!  I should probably work on getting some sort of color on my pasty-white skin before then.
Hopefully, your arrival will put an end to Minnesota's cold, rainy weather.
                                                       We want summer!

PS. Anyone looking for super cute and modest bathing suits? Visit  If I were rich, there are probably 4-5 different suits I would buy in a heartbeat.  They are really so cute!  As it is, buying just one of these suits has been a splurge for me, but I am told they really are the best-fitting, most flattering suits.  Happy summering!

1 comment:

Tina said...

I am in LOVE with hapari swimsuits! you are going to love it! SO cute!

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