June 28, 2011

Visuals of a Superhero

I had some friends in college who were really into making short films. 
I got to play a villain in a spoof they did on the TV show "24". 
And then we planned on making a short action/spy/thriller film
where I played the part of the super-tough-government-agent-heroine.
Unfortunately, we graduated, moved, and went our separate ways and the film was never completed....
....but not before we shot a minute's worth of me carrying a ginormous gun and shooting a grenade launcher.
I rediscovered this little clip the other day, laughed and laughed at my ridiculousness carrying a gun and trying to look tough, and thought I'd share  (special effects--bullets hitting the car and grenade blowing-up a car--are missing, but you get the basic idea):

As I re-watched this, I thought, ''those were the days when being the superhero meant killing the bad guys and saving the world from destruction all while looking really cool.'' 
That was then.
This is now.
being a superhero means being able to cut both my ladies' nails without too much screaming.
It means being able to get everyone bathed, looking nice, and out the door to church on time.
It means singing to Kenners for a half hour before bedtime because she wants to hear Bob Marley songs and "Daddy's Homecoming" over and over and over again. 
It means being able to maintain sanity while making dinner with Lila screaming in the background and Kenadie squirting lotion all over the carpet.
It means somehow managing to juggle the laundromat with the escape-artist toddler and wee baby in tow.
And it means being able to do these bare-minimum tasks on 3-4 hours of sleep a night.
It's kind of tough (for me at least) to get all these things done, and I often (maybe usually) fall short.
I definitely don't look as cool (or as well-groomed) as an undercover agent, 
but I would say that when I do succeed I feel a lot more "super" than I did running around with that big ole gun and a scowl on my face.
And I imagine that the reward of having a happy, healthy, loved family is probably even more rewarding than blowing up a bad guy's getaway car anyway.


Merkley Jiating said...

Oh, Charan. That video is awesome. You are totally a hero!

your math teacher said...

LOVED the music in the video- SO suspenseful. Made me laugh. Thank you for sharing it. :)

And, you really ARE a superhero. Anyone who can do what you do, care for your two young'uns, husband, home, yourself, is the BEST superhero ever. :)

R. B said...

You're tons more SUPER than any super hero by doing what you are doing. I hope Lila and you work through this crying it sounds so hard! Often I've heard the first thing to try is going off milk, which a lot of infants can't tolerate. Or hopefully its a little stage!
You keep the cutest blog and I love how you capture the moments of your children, and such great pictures too.
You are a beautiful little mother Hollie keep up the good work!


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