July 2, 2010

One Year Ago Today

Last night at 3am
I was up with a very sad Kenners.
(My hope is that she is getting her 12 month molars, because the past 3 nights have made me feel like I have been hit by a truck.  If nothing else, it is really good birth control, because I'm not ready to do this again with an infant and a Kenners on the side. 
Wooooo-wee!  No thanks.  Not yet.)

it was 3am last night
and as I was giving my little toot some Children's Motrin out of desperation,
the thought suddenly dawned on me 
that to be up with Kenners this night was actually very appropriate. 
A year ago on this very night,
I was up all night laboring to bring her into the world.
I walked the halls; I watched "Confession of a Shopaholic" in-between contractions; I did the laundry; I ate a lot of watermelon; I watched the clock.
Of course, Kenners decided to take her sweet time and test her mommy because she decided to prolong her entrance into the world until the following evening.
My little stinker! :)
While there was a lot about Kenadie's actual birth day that did not go the way I had hoped,
I remain very grateful for that night before when I went into labor.
I was fairly relaxed.
I spent some quality "girl time" with my sweet mother-in-law.
And finally, in the very early hours of the morning, it was just me working hard for myself and my baby. 
It was painful, but I was glad to go through it in order to bring Kenners into our family.

Likewise, as "painful" (or undesirable) as it was to have to get up with her last night, I am still grateful to be able to serve and work for my Kenners a whole year later.
Today is a day to celebrate HER birth,
but it is also a day for me to celebrate my birth into Motherhood.
What a wonderful, fun, challenging, crazy, and laughter-filled year it has been.
And oh, how I love my Kenners, even at 3am.

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