November 5, 2012

Lila Claire at 17 months

Running around after her sister.

Growing her vocabulary.

Shouting "poo-poo" and patting her diaper whenever she needs to be changed (could this be a welcome sign of a child who actually might potty train well--and early!?).

Loves singing into the $1 microphone we scored from the thrift store.

Knows whenever her picture is about to be taken and will shout "cheeeese!" and give the camera a big grin. 

Has started to snuggle her mommy more.  Melts. my. heart.

Kind of a picky eater.  And she either eats nothing at all or she eats like a horse.

Favorite foods lately: bananas, rice, eggs, and chocolate. 

Will go into Nursery during church next month (Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!  Halle-eh-lujah!)

Loves giving kisses and "pat-pats" (patting the person on the back while she gives them a hug. Love it!)

Has an eagle eye for i-phones, i-pads, or any expensive piece of technological equipment and desires nothing more than to play with them.  This kid is a serious addict.

Sweeeetest baby in the world.  Okay, so I guess she's not really a baby anymore, {sniff} but I sure do treat her like one! 

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Kristy said...

Cute, Cute family!! I just saw the Halloween picture of you all too...sweet wig on Garrett!! I'm sure Steve would love to borrow it next year :) good luck with the transition to full time motherhood. As always, I wish we were closer to be mommy friends together :)

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