November 7, 2012

Beans, Beans, Beans!

I finished organizing my food storage this week (what a task!) and realized that we have the following in 5-gallon buckets: 2 buckets pinto beans, 2 buckets black beans, 4 buckets hard wheat, 2 buckets sugar, 1 bucket white beans, 3 buckets rolled oats, 1 bucket white flour, 1 bucket rice.  This is in addition to numerous #10 cans of powdered milk, sugar, brown rice, dehydrated refried beans, dehydrated fruit, dehydrated onion and other veggies, etc.  Basically, we are extremely blessed to have a lot of food!

While it gives me comfort to know we have this back-up food supply in case a "time-of-need" arises, and while I do go through a lot of the wheat to grind for my bread, I am not in the habit of using my beans.  So with five 5-gallon buckets of JUST beans sitting in my food storage supply, I have decided that I NEED to start cooking with more beans! (Plus, using more of our food storage beans will sure help lower my grocery bill and put more breathing room into our budget!)  Of course there are always the good "go-to" bean recipes like chili or bean burritos, but I want to change things up a bit.......thanks to Pinterest I have been collecting all sorts of yummy-looking recipes involving beans, but I would LOVE any good and different recipes anyone might have.  Please share, because five 5 gallon buckets of beans is A LOT of chili, and that could get boring after awhile.  Happy November, everyone! :)

1 comment:

the mapmaker's wife said...

Man- I have lots of dry pinto beans and I've never even successfully rehydrated them for basic stuff like chili. I know this is silly and I could google it, but how do YOU do it?


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