November 3, 2012

Fun times with Kenners!

If there is one thing I can count on Kenadie for, it is to provide me with constant entertainment and laughs.
She loves making herself gorgeous with headbands and insists on wearing them like this:

 Yes, sweetheart, you do look like a princess!  :)

We did science experiments the other day and made glittery volcanic explosions with vinegar and baking soda.  Kenadie loved it! 

The other day when looking through my phone's pictures, I discovered that Kenadie had decided to let her creative, photographer juices flow and take 500 pictures, mostly of herself!  
It took forever to delete them off my phone (and I made a mental note to be more aware of where my phone is at all times), but I just had to share a few of her snapshots.......
waking Lila up from a nap and capturing her reaction:

and then taking pictures of herself, her bubbles wand, her stars and planets, etc.

I had a talk with her about taking pictures on my phone after she took 400 more pictures on it the other day (oy!), and told her that she could take a few pictures with me every day, but only under my supervision.  
So here are our pictures from the other day:


1 comment:

The Allen Family said...

Your kids are seriously just the cutest! Never a dull moment with a toddler around. Miss you guys. Glad you are doing well

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