November 3, 2012

Best Buds

I love watching my girls as they get older and start playing together more.  
It reminds me so much of me and my older sister. 

 Lila loves to mimic her sister.
Playing in the laundry baskets for a good 1/2 hour:

Dumping buckets of beans all over their bedroom floor, in their bedding, and in their clothes drawers:
(Lila turned and said "cheeeeese!" as soon as she realized I was photographing their destruction.)

Their Grandma Willardson knitted them some a-dor-able owls hats that they love wearing (Kenadie wears hers to bed at night) together.  If one of them has their owl hat on, the other has to run and put hers on, too.

I love little sisters! :)   

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