November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012

Thanks to our friend Kay and her 3-car garage FULL of every costume you could ever imagine, we were able to score some fun Halloween costumes this year.  
Kenadie snatched up the Tinkerbell costume in a heartbeat and never looked back.  Cutest little fairy I've ever seen! 

Lila went as a red dragon.

I went as the Momma dragon, and Garrett went as a dragon slayer--complete with gaudy rings and a sweet wig to make him look like a complete goober, haha!  (I think Garrett and I get more excited about dressing up for Halloween than the girls do!)

We had a blast at our Church's Halloween Party and Chili Cook-off, Garrett and I scored the "Biggest Baddest Couples Costume" prize, and miraculously, Kenadie hasn't been too obsessed with her stash of Halloween candy (who is this child!?).  

With a fun Halloween behind us, we can now focus on Thanksgiving, start on a few Thanksgiving service projects I have in mind for our family, I can begin to plan on the desserts I will be making for Thanksgiving dinner, and I can whip out the sewing machine and begin making some Christmas gifts.
 I love this time of year! 

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