July 9, 2010

Pizza! Pizza!

I hope that Mr. Caesar doesn't mind me stealing his little slogan for the title of this post,
but I wanted to share 2 scrumdidilyumptious pizza recipes that have become family favorites.
In all honesty, I pretty much just steal recipes from other sources, mostly my family and some from random newsletters that our apartment managers slide under our door every now and then.
These really aren't all MY recipes, so I must give credit where credit is due:

Thanks to my Aunt Bonnie, I have a fabulous recipe for Pizza Crust.
And thanks to my Google-savvy husband for finding me this recipe for a unique Mexican Pizza on some obscure website (don't remember where, sorry!).
And thanks to my need to get rid of some things in our refrigerator before they went bad, I came up with this little number for Barbecue Chicken Pizza
Click on the links if you care to.
If not, then please direct your attention to the photo below:

She was throwing a fit while on the couch with Daddy.
As soon as I got the camera out to collect some good photographic evidence of the tantrum, she struck this pose mid-whine/holler.


Crystal said...

So cute! Whenever Ruby is crying and I get the camera out she stops crying!

Claire Christensen said...

That is hilarious!

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