July 12, 2010

A Couch Story

I've been complaining to the Mr. lately about our couch. 
It's ugly.
It's old.
It's incredibly stained.
It isn't comfortable.
The cushions are falling apart.
Considering that we intercepted our couch on its way to the dump two years ago,
it really has served us well as our first couch (and sure has beat sitting on cardboard boxes!)
We were kind of hoping that it would last us another 1 1/2 years until Garrett finishes school and we have a steady income....
....and then I came upon this little beauty at a garage sale the other day:
Real leather.
In great condition.
At first Garrett objected on the grounds that it is an ugly color, which is kind of true.
Then I reminded him just how much uglier our current couch was,
which is completely true.
Plus, this couch is actually comfortable!
So we took it, making this our very first furniture purchase (besides our bed mattress).
I took a nap on it the other day (my first in over 6 months!) 
and didn't wake up with a completely stiff neck or back.
And despite the fact that it is not my favorite color for a couch,
it is nowhere near the eyesore that the old one was.
Feels like we're movin' on up in the world!

And where is the old couch?
In true masculine fashion,
Garrett hacked it to pieces,
took it to the dump,
and kept the curved wooden arm rests to turn into skis for Kenners.
(Who knew that old couch could have such diverse uses!?)
R.I.P. little fella.  You served us well,
but I sure am lovin' the new couch!

1 comment:

Adrienne said...

I love your new couch and you can't beat the price! You are doing good, Mandu and I still have not bought a couch, we were able to snatch them on their way to the thrift shops! This will help you hold off til you find something you love when you are all settled!

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