June 28, 2010


Or, in other words....

Right now it's just a game to Kenners.  
If I tell her to "walk to momma", she gets excited and toddles across the room to me.
Otherwise, there really isn't any interest in using walking as a means to get from A to B.
No matter.
I'm a first-time, overly-proud, kind-of-ridiculous mom.
And I'm just plain excited about this whole walking thing, darn it! 

Speaking of excited, those of you who have already signed up for the giveaway should be, because the odds are pretty good for winning that $50 gift card
Oh, you haven't signed up yet??
Well, if $50 interests you at all, you may want to check it out by Friday....


The Allen Family said...

Yeah for walking! She is just getting so darn big. Such a little cutie pie! Hopefully we will see you tomorrow.

Claire Christensen said...

Congratulations Kenadie! Grandma is so proud of you!!! I was just watching home movies of Nicole and Adrienne learning to walk. I am so grateful I have those movies, so priceless!!!

Crystal said...

How exciting Holly! She is such a cutie!

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