June 25, 2010

Girliness and Giveaways

I am not a girly-girl.
I rarely "do" my hair because I don't like taking the time to do it.
I don't like to put on make-up for the same reason.
Painting my toenails happens a few times a year if I'm lucky.
I never paint my fingernails.  I just bite them. 
My wardrobe lacks any sense of style.
So does my home.
I'm just not very girly.
But I'm trying to slowly rectify that.  
See the above pedicure?
My awesome friend, Kelsey, gave it to me. 
And I'm determined to learn how to do it myself.
I threw out my manly-looking wallet and replaced it with a more feminine, flat-ish one (a clutch?).
 I'm going to learn how to french braid by the end of the summer.
I also have aspirations of getting myself some cute high heels for church someday......
and just happened to recently come upon several very cute pairs on one of the CSNStores.com websites.
Remember these guys?
I hosted a giveaway a few months ago for a $40 gift card to use on any of their 200+ online stores
where you can find everything from dining room sets to dog beds and from cribs to cookware.

Well, I'm hosting another giveaway!
Except this time the prize is a $50 gift card to use on any of their online stores.
Free money!?
Yes, please.
If you're looking for some fabulous new cookware
or would like to girl-ify your life (like myself) with some cute new shoes or handbags
then all you have to do to enter is:
a) leave a comment on this post with your name
b) tell your friends about this giveaway via your blogs, facebook, or twitter-place-thingys.
I will randomly select a winner on Friday, July 2nd (by baby girl's 1st birthday!!) and announce it on my blog.
I will then get the winner's e-mail address so that the $50 gift card can be sent to her or him. 
Good luck, everyone! 

In the meantime, 
how do you french braid?


Jordon and Terra said...

You know I can't resist that! :) I posted it on my facebook too! How do you get hooked up with all these fun giveaways?! I'm jealous! :)

Crystal said...

I'd love to shop on there! Thanks Holly!

Anonymous said...

Hey Holly! I'd love a 50 gift card!Pick me :) Come on up for a visit and I'll teach you how to french braid. It's not too hard. Enjoy your day! ~Tiffany

The Allen Family said...

me, me, pick me!

The Allen Family said...

oops, my name is Kelsey by the way:)

Em said...

Emily Chapman :)

PS Kelsey can teach you how to french braid! Just get a doll and start practicing.
PPS I am Kelseys sister-in-law so I know she does amazing things with hair. My hair AND ME miss her soooooo badly!

Laura said...

Can you believe our babes are almost one!! What a fun and educational year it has been :)

You're so cool for doing giveaways- one day I hope to be cool like you :D

Taffy and Tony said...

Sign me up, Holly! And a plug for your blog will be on mine SOON--like tomorrow.

Meg said...

Hey Holly! I think you are the best kind of "girly"--the natural kind. You don't wear makeup because you look fabulous without it. You can dress up or put on boots and muck out the barn. That's a real girl. Love you lots!

Julie Doud said...

All right - sign me up!

Jessica said...

Alright you've twisted my arm! :) How do you get hooked up with these giveaways?! I'm not gonna lie, that's pretty cool! Thanks for sharing, Holly! (p.s. I'm putting a link on facebook right now)

Tina said...

Wahoo for giveaways! Sign me up!

The Wilson Family said...

Count me in Beyonce!! And that's not my name, hehe. You know how this is. Heather W

Kristy said...

Choose me! Thanks for visiting the other day...I sure miss having you close. I'm still praying you'll choose Northern California for your next move and settle down place. Love you!!!

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