June 27, 2010

Too much of a good thing?

These little beauties have gone on super-sale
so I bought, oh, close to a gallon of them!

So far, I have learned four things:
#1. Blueberry freezer jam is to die for
#2. My freezer and fridge are too tiny to fit all the blueberry jam I have made
#3. Blueberries are Kenadie's new favorite food.
#4. I should probably limit her consumption of them because all I have been doing today is changing blueberry-filled diapers and slathering diaper rash cream on a very red, sore bottom.


Anonymous said...

Um Holly I LOVE the recipes you have posted! Now you need to blog about the jam recipes you have used, I too have 2 huge freezer bags of blueberries needing to get used!

Claire Christensen said...

Nothing like fresh blueberries!

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