May 30, 2010

1807 degrees of Awesome

What a great, scorcher-of-a-weekend it turned out to be:
An afternoon at the park with just me and the Kenners (82 degrees)

A family bike ride through the forest (87 degrees)
(Yep.  I embrace my dorkiness.)

Cooling off in misters (60-ish degrees of refreshing relief!)

Checking out Kenadie's cheekies (360 degrees of perfectly-round, fluffy, kissable chub)

Baking Root Beer Float Cookies (at 375 degrees, to be exact)

An evening of grilling with good friends (77 degrees)

Kenadie's first trip to the pool and the debut of my new Hapari swimsuit! (90 degrees)

Subsequent sunburned back and shoulders--oops! (1st degree burn)

Finding a few long, beautiful, summer dresses--a discovered necessity for my nursery calling--for super cheap within 15 minutes of shopping (360 degrees of fabulous)

A babysitter for the evening (hallelujah!)

Dinner at Big Bowl--heaven for my taste buds but holy spicy! (150-ish degrees of fire in my mouth!)

Getting schooled by Garrett in a round of miniature golf (90 degrees)

Coming home to air conditioning that finally works (75 degrees).

1 comment:

The Allen Family said...

Thanks for the cookie recipe! Loved them. Love the swimming and kenners. Had a great time grillin'. Good job in the nursery. My girls really love you! You got anytime this week to hang?

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