July 2, 2015

Seis, Sechs, Roku, Zes, Six!

Why hello there, Miss Thang! 
You know, not long ago you were this chubby, delicious wee babe:

How'd you get so tall, skinny, and beautiful so fast on me?! 

And how did you learn to ride a bike without training wheels with such ease this past spring?

And how can you manage to whip out your passive-aggressive little notes
(I didn't let her eat junk food for dinner)
and then create the sweetest little heart-warming pictures minutes afterwards?

I loved watching your love for water grow when I {finally} put you in swim lessons this summer.
jumping off the diving board

I loved watching you grow and learn in kindergarten; you went from learning to read your first word to reading chapter books!

I feel like you give me this face a lot:
 in honest frustration and anger.  You have a BIG and strong personality, and while it is sometimes hard for a mommy to navigate, I know it will be a strength for you someday.

You have such a beautiful and magical little smile.

And though it sometimes takes some work to let go of the reigns of control while playing, you LOVE to play with your cousins.

You love others so deeply and purely, often praying for those who are sad or sick.

You have a pure little spirit that is in tune to your Heavenly Father.  Earlier this spring while Mommy was working, Grandma forgot to pick you up at our house after school when the school bus dropped you off.  You waited all alone outside our locked house for nearly 45 minutes.  My mommy heart was broken and I raced quickly home from work when we realized what had happened.  When I saw you your face was red and wet from crying.  I hugged you so tightly and the first thing you said was, "I prayed two times for you to come and get me, Mommy."  Uh, be still my heart!  I felt so so sad you were scared and alone, but my heart wanted to burst when I realized that your first instinct when confronted with fear was to pray.  What a sweet, sweet girl you are.

Kenadie, you bring incredible joy to our family.
You are determined and tender, sensitive and strong, hilarious and smart, and so much fun!

It's no wonder your little sister is your little shadow.

Happy sixth birthday to my Kenadie Nicole.
Please, just slow down a teensy bit for Mommy?

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