July 1, 2015

On My Mind Today......

* Lila has taken notice of the endless rainbows everywhere on Facebook right now: "Mom, it's just so pretty right now!!"  You know, someone would really make her day if they added sparkles to those rainbows. :)

* Soren has had a nasty croup/fever for the last 3-4 days.  Poor little guy.
Why I would struggle with regularly co-sleeping: a tiny toddler can manage to take up 70% of a king-size bed.  Zero sleep for the parents!

Usually most babies are a little more cuddly when they are sick, but this time around Soren is anything but!  He cries, moans, and fusses all day long and then cries louder and screams "No! No! No!" when I try to cuddle/comfort him.  Poor guy.  Then Garrett comes home and Soren cuddles him like he'll never let go?!  There was a time when I happily thought Soren was turning out to be a mama's boy--a sweet little change since Kenadie and Lila are "daddy's girls" to the max--but Soren has changed his mind in the past few months and now reserves 99% of his affections for Daddy; and this little diagram?

Well, it's pretty darn accurate.  While I feel a little like chop liver these days, it warms my heart how my kids love their daddy, and who can blame them when they have the best one?!

* Yes, I am making this for dessert tonight for my big sister's birthday:
Thanks to "Our Best Bites" recipe book for keeping me in the kitchen and preventing me from cutting back on sugar for awhile!

* The warm summer has really made my heart happy, especially as all the flowers bloom.....

Love my mom's bleeding hearts and hanging petunia baskets.

And though I cannot have a full-blown garden of my own yet, the pots of dahlias, pansies, and geraniums on my front porch have kept the otherwise-gray gravel driveway looking a little happier.

* Anyone else have a child who will only eat yogurt, bread, bananas, eggs, and occasionally some chicken or beef?  Soren won't even eat fruit!  He's got texture issues and is the pickiest little son-of-a-gun!

Sure makes a cute little monkey man, though.

* Sometimes Quite often my girls have issues going to sleep.  "My bed isn't comfy enough" was the excuse one night for still being up at 10:30pm.  45 minutes later I went into their room and found this:
Yep, that looks much more comfy! 

* I still get a kick out of the "Mommy Trivia" my girls gave me this year for Mother's Day:
Lila's!  For the record, she hates broccoli.  Plus, I'm glad she finds comedic relief in my usual mad dash to get us all out the door every Sunday morning to get to church on time!
Kenadie's.  I love how she spells "waffles" and "spaghetti". :)  

* Apparently I've got a hot date with the laundry tonight.

Why oh why do I hate laundry above all other housekeeping chores?!  (Yeah, I do hate it more than scrubbing a toilet because that takes like 30 seconds)

A little family selfie to finish things off.


the mapmaker's wife said...

Cute post, cute kids, cute mommy. Keep up the good work! :)

Paul Quinn said...

Poor Soren. Croup can be very uncomfortable for children, and I can understand why he felt out of sorts then. I hope he got well soon after. Anyway, it’s not too late to get them on your side! Go Team Momma! Haha!

Paul Quinn @ MedCare Pediatric

KevandChels said...

Love the flowers! I remember visiting Alaska as a teenager and being blown away by even thegasstations stations having gorgeous flowers/hanging baskets, etc.

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