June 10, 2015

We Have a 4 Year Old!

I get a little nostalgic when I see pictures of this little cherub

and realize that not only is she not a baby anymore, but she isn't even this little toddler anymore:

She is a little girl:

A 4 year old girl, to be exact.  
And what a joy she is!  

Here's a few facts about our favorite four year old:

 She will only every call/refer to Kenadie as "Kenners"

She was a hit at our Willardson family reunion last month because of the random things she says.  The kids' favorite was her claim that all our hearts had diamonds in them and we needed to cut them out.  Hmmm.

If she is sad or mad, she is the world's best mumbler/most frustrating person to understand.

Lila loves to make her little brother laugh.

She loves to be social and have friends over, even if they are 20 years older than she is, they are HER friends!

There really isn't anything in life Lila loves more than fruit snacks.  It's ridiculous, really.

Unless it's using/wasting toilet paper multiple times a day to tuck a "tail" into her pants "like a pony". 

She still loves to wear her dress-ups daily and loves to look beautiful.  She espeically loves stuffing her shirt with blankets or stuffed animals to give herself boobies.  Awesome.
Between the boobies and the toilet paper "tails", she's a shoe-in for the "people of Wal-Mart" album.

She loves sleeping with her big sister and I'm about ready to get rid of their separate beds and just put them into one bigger bed together.
Lila must have time to color every day.  Usually mermaids.

Lila (and Kenadie) recently starting swim lessons but Lila has developed an ever-increasing fear of water and will not get in the water anymore "because it will drown my eyes".

Lila is pretty accident-prone.  She trips, falls, or smacks a body part hard at least a few times a day.  Never inflicted real bodily harm until just recently when she smacked her mouth, killing her front teeth and requiring them to be pulled: ouch!
Her signature gap-toothed grin has now become a toothless grin but she's cute all the same!

 Before the teeth extraction:

......and after.

Lila had a (what else) mermaid birthday party for her fourth birthday, which means that I hung up blue streamers, frosted the cake blue, and put an Ariel doll on top.  She thought it was fancy and the best ever.

Of course my creative mother whipped up some crocheted mermaids for her birthday gift and Lila will not sleep without them. 

She had a few little friends over, two of them being her bosom buddies Red and Ryder who she spends her days with while mommy works.  They are such cute little amigos.

It is so interesting to see my children grow and develop.  Lila was our mild-mannered easy baby who surprised us at age 2 when she turned into a real firecracker.  While she doesn't have the streak of utter defiance and independence like her older sister, she has her own little -tude, and in Miss Mary's words, "When Lila isn't happy, ain't nobody happy!" And it's true.
She's quick to obey and quick to get her feelings crushed over the smallest things.  She's loud, energetic, and loving.  She wears her heart and emotions on her sleeve and is always thinking deep about life and sharing her musings with me.
At the risk of sounding cheesy, I really do tear up thinking about how blessed I am to have this sweet girl for a daughter.  I really can't imagine life without her and I look forward to seeing what type of a teenager and woman she will become.
"I'm all ready to go to Miss Mary's house!"

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Camber said...

I love this little tribute! The before and after pictures of the teeth extraction cracked me up. It's amazing how much personality someone so little can have! She is adorable.

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