June 10, 2015

Oh, hi there!

Soooo many things to be happy about right now:

~ the horrible fevers of 104.5 degrees that had infiltrated our home are now gone
~ school is out for the summer 
~ Our Ellis cousins are coming to Alaska for a 3 week stay in a few days
~ we still have a roof over our heads and good food to eat
~ I have my computer back! 

The last one is especially exciting. :)
With the return of my computer from being at Garrett's office for over a year, I can now check my email, write and print documents (I will need a printer first), help out with Garrett's practice from the comfort of the computer at home, BLOG, and have access to all our family pictures again! 
How nice it is to see little gems like this that I had nearly forgotten had existed...... 

Garrett holding his son for the first time

my two rugrats when there were only two!

date night parking around Eklutna lake

My time in Argentina as a student nurse intern (Dale Santos!)

reading stories to my girls a few days before SOren was born

always happy baby Lila

chubby-cheeked Kenners

And with the ability to blog again, hopefully I'll be able to record a lot more of our family's journeys that I haven't been able to lately, like
 Easter, our Willardson family reunion to Utah, Lila's birthday, milestones my kiddos have reached, hiking with cousins in Hatcher's Pass, and just everyday life. 
Hooray for a working computer! 

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