July 2, 2015


My girls have been having the absolute BEST 2.5 weeks playing with their Ellis cousins who are up visiting from Idaho.  

We've gone to Friday Flings together,
gone to Finger Lake and had fun on paddle boats and kayaks, 
gone hiking,
been camping,
gone swimming at the pool, 
spent hours jumping on Grandma's trampoline, 
and had numerous sleepovers.
They are having so much fun that my girls think they ought to be spending the night at Grandma's house every night and fuss and whine every morning until we finally get over there to play. 
It is so fun to see them having the time of their lives.......and I really don't know what they will do when their cousins leave on Monday. :( 
I feel so lucky to have so many cousins and to have grown up being friends with them, so it is fun to see the cousin-love in the next generation. 
Friday Fling in beautiful little DownTown Palmer


The family that catches and fillets 40+ fish together, stays together! (or something like that)

The Little Su River

Hiking Gold Mint Trail

Nothing is more exciting than a cousin sleepover! 

Paddle boats on Finger Lake

Kenadie and Uncle Ryan kayaking

Pretty mermaids on their rocks......in front of the campground bathroom. Awesome.

The kids have been slightly obsessed with helping grandma in the garden to earn a little money for ice cream runs and trips to the thrift store. 

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