July 2, 2015

Our Growing Man Cub

18 months.
Either way, it means that Soren is getting too big, too fast. 
It is wonderful to see and sad all at the same time because I can't bottle these days up and save them for later.  My baby isn't really a baby anymore......

but on the bright side, he is the most fun little stink on the planet! 

I have decided that he will either become a chef or a mechanical engineer someday--because he loves being in the kitchen around the appliances, always wants to have a spatula in hand with me as I work over the stove, thinks Daddy's electric toothbrush is his personal toy, and would play around Grandpa's four-wheeler all day if he could. 
Even when this kid is sick-as-a-dog, he perks right up as long as I plop him on the kitchen counter next to the blender or mixer.

Soren loves to jabber, but unlike his sisters, he is not a big talker.
His first word at nearly one year old was "hot" and since then he has added
"no" (his all-time favorite)
"Annie" (my sister is soooo proud!)
and "nose". 
That's it.

He is becoming less cuddly but loves to be held when I'm in the kitchen simply so he can be in on the action.

This kid lives for the water.  He'd live in the bathtub or play in the kitchen sink with the faucet running all day if I let him.  He loves to splash in water, dump any liquid in a cup or container out and splash in it. With his webbed toes, tall slender physique, and affinity for water, I'm thinking he could be the next Michael Phelps.

If he can't be in the water, then he's super happy running around outside.  He'll just walk and walk and walk around and lives for open spaces to run.  He's never happy to come back inside. 

Soren is (knock on wood) my best sleeper by far!  He loves to go to sleep at night and often goes down without a peep.  He also loves his naps but will seldom nap anywhere besides his crib.  This is unfortunate since he has a mom who sometimes works and older sisters who are on the go, so sometimes this is the only way he gets a nap:

He's recently learned to smell flowers and it is the cutest. 

He hates to have his teeth brushed but loves brushing them himself.

This amazing sunny and warm summer is bleaching out his coarse, unruly hair and I love it.
He can throw a pretty decent tantrum. :/

As I mentioned in a previous post--he is a picky eater and is completely obsessed with his daddy.

 We frequently refer to him as our "Monkey Man" or "Pooh Bear".  Any guess why?......

While my girls could've cared less for babies and baby dolls, Soren LOVES them.  If he sees a baby doll he will hold and rock it.  Whenever he sees another baby/toddler smaller than he is, Soren will not rest until he has planted some smooches on him/her.  When we went to Utah in May, he sure was enamored by his cousins, Tillie and Darren.

He's an expert mess-maker, what can I say?! 

Also unlike his sister, Soren has separation anxiety (all started after our kid-free trip to Hawaii, darn it!).  Though he will officially be old enough to go to the nursery in church this Sunday (Hallelujah!!), I doubt he will let me leave him without some serious wailing and gnashing of teeth.

He really loves his Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Annie, though and will run into their arms whenever he sees them.

With so much cuteness in one little boy, it's a miracle he has survived the daily onslaught of kisses and squeezes inflicted on him by his many adoring fans.  

We sure do love our little Man Cub.

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