September 8, 2014

8 Months of Soren

This tinsy little baby

is no longer a tinsy little baby!

Considering the fact that he just cut his 7th tooth, is wearing 12 month sized clothing, and has a head full of hair (that I've already cut twice!), he looks a lot older than his 8 months of age.

Where'd my baby go?

But he has got to be the cutest little guy in town!
He is so happy and almost always smiling.

He still loves his mama.

He thinks that his sisters are the funniest and most fascinating people on the planet.

He loves sitting in his chair and feeding himself little puffs that he can grasp with his fingers.

He recently discovered the wonderful world of cherry tomatoes.

With messier and messier mealtimes has come the start of getting bathed in the sink:

(I have always wanted to have a deep sink to bathe my babies in and now that I do, it is bliss.  I can get dinner prepared or cleaned up in peace while the baby happily plays in the sink.  I love it!)

Soren has recently perfected the delicate art of the pitiful bottom lip quiver:

I secretly wish he'd do it all the time, but then I feel bad when the tears and whimpers come:
And of course he'll just pull this face at the most random times without any apparent reason!

He has been very content to not move AT ALL, until recently.  (Seriously, he'd just sit on his tummy or back and scream all the time until someone came to hold him.  It was getting really old.)  He is only now starting to scoot around on his belly or roll around to get places.
In that past week or two he has mastered sitting up by himself and will now entertain himself for up to an hour just sitting up and playing with toys.  Hallelujah!

Daddy is making sure that he sports his Chargers gear now that football season is here.

I could have another dozen just like him.
He has entered my most favorite stage of baby/toddler-hood when he is learning, developing, and growing so quickly but still needs and loves his mommy and his cuddle time.  I wish I could freeze time for a little while because as I have well learned by now it goes by way, way too fast.
Soren, never grow up, m'kay?

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