September 11, 2014

Alaska State Fair 2014 Highlights

 Favorite New Food: Deep Fried Peaches (over ice cream, topped with whipped cream, cinnamon, and a mint leaf--heaven!)

Biggest Splurge: Fair Hair


(This was always way to frivolous of a thing for me to ever consider doing during all my years attending the State Fair, so why not spoil my girls rotten, right?!  Plus, they thought they were the coolest things on the the planet.  Getting that stuff out of their hair, however, was not the coolest thing on the planet.....)

Prettiest Site: Pioneer Peak in the background on a sunny evening

Favorite Ride: the ponies, of course!!

It's the only ride the girls have ever been on and I'm happy to keep it that way (those rides are crazy expensive!) Lila frequently asks me if she can go ride her pony--we've had many tears of disappointment in the past few weeks.

Biggest Let-Down: Trying to hear "Pentatonix" (my absolute favorite performing group) sing and perform from outside the fence (next to the port-a-potties no less!) and being told we couldn't stand by the fence.
(we stood there long enough to hear one awesome song)

So Sadie, my dad, and I left dejected and went and drowned our sorrows in fair food.  Fair food is the ultimate comfort food, by the way.  My depression over not getting to see Pentatonix washed away somewhere between the Soda Jerk, jalapeno poppers, and fried peaches.  So bad, but sooooo good.

Best fair moment: getting to spend a kid-free evening at the fair with Garrett.
It seems like these days our dates are infrequent and always entail grabbing a quick bite to eat while discussing Garrett's business.  It was soooo nice to spend an evening not speaking a word about business and just enjoying each other's company.  Plus, the fair is 100 times more relaxing without three small kids in tow! 

Until next year, State Fair.  Of the 3 state fairs I've been to (Minnesota and Utah are the other 2), you're my favorite one. 


Camber said...

Wow, that fair hair is so fun! I think one of the fun things about being a parent is you get to decide when to splurge on stuff you always wanted as a kid :)

Meghan said...

Their hair is sooooo awesome!

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