September 5, 2014

Our Big, Fat Christensen Reunion

Last year, I had a big, fat Oberg Family Reunion (my mom's family) at Bear Lake, Utah.  I believe that by the end of the year there will be upwards of 133 of us Oberg offspring.
That's a lot of people!

But this summer was our big, fat Christensen Family Reunion (Garrett's dad's family) at Bear Lake, Utah.  By the end of the year there will be 145 Christensen offspring--even MORE people!  

Basically, I feel super fortunate to have so many wonderful people I call family and I LOVE getting together with all of them.

Here are some photographic highlights of our wonderful week with our Christensen Fam......

Kenadie rarely got off this bike the whole week with all the endless sidewalk there was to ride on!
Lila and Kassi harnessing some "body sass".
"Higher, Mommy!!"
Lila is the 123rd member of the Wallace and Phyllis Christensen Family

There was a lot of time for fun in the water, sun, and sand:


Poor Soren was sick for a few days with fevers.  Luckily, Uncle Kinau was there to snuggle him to sleep:

And luckily he was back to his smiley self in no time!

 More lake fun......

 And the pool was also a big hit:

Papa let us take ALL his loose change and spend it at the go kart track!

Soren and Thoren, cousins only 3 weeks apart in age!

Grandma Great with the little men:

We were luckily enough to be there to meet Adrienne's sweet baby, Mason, and see him blessed in church:

Three studly little cousins...
These next pictures were taken by the talented Talia Christensen (as I did not take my nice camera in order to conserve luggage space!)......

The Christensen siblings with Grandma Great:

And with their spouses:

And here are a few of our immediate Christensen family.....
Good looking family:

But nonetheless pretty crazy:

And lots of fun:

Like how Soren's feet barely made the picture?!

Grandma and Papa with all their grandkids (minus 2):

And some of our little family:

I used to have aspirations of having eight kids, a) because I LOVE children and love being a mom (so the more the merrier), and b) so I could carry on the tradition of having monstrously huge family reunions with my sea of offspring.  
Alas, I have realized that some women were not physically meant to bear that many children and I think I may be one of I just enjoy the amazing kids that I do have and will continue to enjoy these massive family reunions where 100's of us gather together and enjoy playing, visiting, and catching up with each other.  These reunions sure are some of the best of times.  

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