April 22, 2014

Recent Highlights

(I wrote this post at the beginning of February, but my computer was confiscated before I had the chance to post it up here, so here it is 2.5 months later!)

I thought pregnancy brain was bad.
Turns out that postpartum brain on little/no sleep + 3 children + potty training + all the other things going on = my IQ is dropping by the hour?!
There is nothing intelligent left for me to spew into cyberspace;
but seeing how this is my family journal, I want to quickly jot down what has been going on lately (especially since my beloved computer will be confiscated and taken to Garrett's office this week, making blogging a much more difficult and infrequent thing). 

Let's start with this little boy:

he is the absolute cutest thing and we love him to pieces. 
He is one of the most aware and alert babies I've ever seen and has had the social smile down since he was just 3 weeks old.

 He is like this really old, wise soul in a little body and every moment with him is precious.  I wish I could S.L.O.W. down time so I could spend more of it snuggling and cuddling him.
4am is the only guaranteed snuggle time with Mommy these days

and Sunday afternoons are the only guaranteed snuggle times with Daddy

I had a few "free days" last week where I didn't have anything major to do with Garrett's practice, so why not take on the challenge of potty-training Lila?!  
I've known that she has been "ready" for awhile, I just have not been so sure that I was ready to take on the task of potty training.  I don't know why I hate it so much, but for some reason it is my least favorite part of parenting (probably because Kenadie's 2 years of bladder issues have had me thinking that diapers are so much easier than endless accidents and laundry). 
Luckily, the Lord gave me a tender mercy and with only 3 accidents and in 2 days (I think it's safe to say) Lila is potty trained!  Hallelujah!!!
Only one wet and poopy bum to change now.  It's like Christmas for this mommy! :)

The end.

Between finishing up work at his old office and getting the new office and practice underway, we've seen very little of Garrett (we often FaceTime with him on my phone for nightly family prayer) and the girls have used some colorful behaviors to say, "We need our Daddy!" So we spent Saturday morning as a family at Bouncing Bears and the girls had a blast!

We sure do love this little family of ours and this wonderful life we live.  

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