April 22, 2014

Not Fond of Farewells

When we first moved to Alaska, we were lucky to have both of Garrett's sisters and their families living nearby.  It is so much fun to have family around for holidays, outings, birthdays, and just for everyday fun.

Then last year Nicole and her family moved away to California.
And we were sad. :(

Luckily, Adrienne and her family were still here to play with and do fun things with.

And my girls are obsessed with their cousin Kassi.

And aren't they the cutest cousins together?!

And we love getting our hair done by Auntie Adrienne, who always makes us look so good!

And now.....Adrienne and her family are moving away to Utah! :( 
We are sad for us and will miss them a ton, but we are so excited for their new adventure and are so glad that at least we got to live close to each other for a little while.  I grew up spending our family vacations visiting cousins and feel lucky to have been so close and such good friends with most my cousins.  I hope the same will always be true for my kids and their cousins.  
Good-bye and safe travels, Johnsons! 
We love you and miss you already! 

1 comment:

Claire Christensen said...

Love the pics and the memories! so sad the cousins aren't living by each other anymore but grateful for the time they did! Love you and your blog:)

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