April 22, 2014

Oh, Lila!

This little girl:

has the spunk, sass, and cute personality to keep me occupied and entertained all day long!

I honestly can't get enough of her, but she certainly keeps this mama on her toes!  

She has taken to coloring on walls:

(and helping to wipe them clean)
Oh, Lila! 

She enjoys working out with her mama like a big girl:

but still insists on sucking her thumb and toting her blankie with her wherever she goes:
Oh, Lila! 

She cannot eat chocolate without it turning into an absolute goatee:

Oh, Lila! 

she lives and I mean LIVES in princess dresses.  All other clothes are simply not good enough.  

She came running into my room at 4am the other night because she needed to go potty and to my surprise she had on FOUR layers of princesses!  Oh, Lila!  She is definitely all girl through-and-through! 

She is her sister's little shadow and gets quite sad when Kenadie is at school.  However, she loves and protects her baby brother fiercely (and I mean fiercely) and enjoys holding, hugging, carrying, squishing, and laying on top of him any chance she gets.  Oh, Lila!

She also LIVES to be outside (and always in a princess dress of course!).  Oh, Lila!

She cut her hair awhile back, giving herself bangs and a mullet.  Oh, Lila! Luckily my sweet friend came to the rescue to fix her hairstyle and gave her the cutest cut:

(Look at that devious face.)

She recently made the leap into the world of being a "big girl" by being potty trained and getting moved into a big-girl bed.  This has basically meant the death of regular naps for her, although she occasionally crashes and is just too cute not to photograph. 

Oh, Lila!

I made the dumb mistake of getting the girls silly putty for Easter--it was in both of their hair within 24 hours and Lila got the worst of it:

no amount of jelly beans and chocolate bunnies could keep the tears from flowing or some hair from ripping out.  Oh, Lila! 

On the TMI front, she is excellent at using the potty, but often scared of going #2.  She will cry, whine, and dance around for days before finally conceding to sitting on the toilet and going.  Then when she does, she proudly proclaims that "it's not owie or scary!", but then the pattern always repeats itself.
 Oh, Lila!

She loves her Grandma and Grandpa and always wants to go to Grandma's house to eat her fruit snacks and chewing gum and dance with her Grandpa.

(giving Grama an adjustment in her princess dress of course!)
If she's ever in trouble or being reprimanded, she will cry for "Grama" or "Cranpa".  Oh, Lila!

You sure are a fun, awesome kid.  Lucky me for getting to be your mom and watch you grow into your own little person. 

Mischief managed. :)

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