February 27, 2014

Blogging from a cell phone is not easy.

I don't think I've blogged this seldom in my whole 5 years as a blogger!  The reasons are several: a newborn to care for; a new business to set-up and get going; two little girls who are taking all this craziness a little hard as manifested by refusals to use the toilet and the most magnificent display of tantrums you've ever seen; and oh yes, I no longer have a computer on which to blog. :( That got taken away and put in Garrett's office.  Garrett insisted I'd be able to come to his office to blog occasionally, but after several of Lila's pee pee accidents on his new office carpet, I'm kind of deciding that's not a wonderful idea. So here I am, using my dang thumbs to type on a iPhone, ensuring a future of carpal tunnel which is unfortunate but does help keep chiropractors like my husband in practice. So you win some, you lose some. In other news, we've been battling all sorts of illnesses and interesting behaviors at home while we rarely see Garrett except for through FaceTime during nightly family prayer while he's at the office. Life's a little hectic right now, but boy am I still loving it!  Here's a little run-down on what's going on with our fam (I tried to add some photos. Somehow that's next to impossible to do from a phone, so just imagine if you will...)

Garrett: long, long days at work.  loves being his own boss and "the" boss of his own clinic. Has some great staff starting out and a great first few weeks. We really love and miss him. He's still super hot, by the way. ;) 

Holly: I've tried getting back into a workout routine....kinda impossible with three small children always demanding my attention, and since there is no part of the day (besides maybe 2am) when they are all asleep, this is just not happening yet. :) my children are constantly challengingly me to be a better, more patient mom every day. These have certainly been a few of the most stressful months I've experienced, but  site I'll look back on this time as one of a lot of personal growth. I'm pretty crazy abouty my kids, so every ounce of stress and sleeplessness is well worth it.  

Kenadie: she is writing her own name (no small feat with a name as long as hers is!), starting to read small words, loves preschool and her friends, and like every girl in the country she is obsessed with the movie "Frozen" and the "Let it go"  song. Her favorite color is currently blue (thanks to "Frozen"), she LOVES to sing and dance to just about anything, and she is my big helper with Soren (and by "big helper", I mean that she tries to forcefully shove binkies in his mouth, smoosh him while givingn him kisses, and pick him up by his legs or arms. Yikes!) She is starting to love to color and draw and does a lot of it at home (she calls it her homework). 

Lila: gets sassier yet cuter every day. She potty-trained in a snap about a month ago, although she has had several days where she is apparently starved for attention and will purposefully pee herself. So much fun. She is obsessed with chocolate and loves her big sister. Sometimes she tells me that she is actually Kenadie and not Lila. She is also my "big helper" with Soren and loves to poke his eyes and cheeks, give him kisses, and vigorously shale his arms and legs while shouting "Shake-a shake-a!" Um, it's a little odd. She also loves "Frozen" and pretty much only wears princess dress-ups all day long. Being dethroned as the baby has actually proven to be harder on her than I originally thought. While she loves her brother, she does not love me holding or nursing him. She is needing constant snuggles and loves, and when she isn't getting them, she's off somewhere wreaking havoc. Good thing she is still the cutest, spunkiest, and (usually) happiest toddler on the planet. 

Soren: this kid is seriously the cutest baby boy. So just imagine that here: a very cute baby boy who is smiling and cooing and making his mama melt into a puddle every day. And he LoVES his mama!!  You may think that he had a touch of colic by his fussiness and crying, but it usually disappears immediately once he's in my arms. So so sweet and so sad at the same time as I can't hold him all the time and so he ends up doing a lot of crying during the day.  Luckily (well, kinda) he doesn't sleep the greatest at night so I get lots of uninterrupted snuggles in then. I've heard all these 3rd-child stereotypes about how they are often so easy-going and learn to sleep and chill through the surrounding chaos. Wellll, this has not been the case with Soren, but that's okay because I am still completely smitten with him.  And I do love how much he loves his mama. He is such a little love! 

I believe that covers the big highlights in our humble abode: chaos, love, lots of crying, little sleep, lots of snuggling, some sibling fighting, winter-time illness-aplenty, a plethora of Olympic figure skating routines put on by the girls for me and Soren; you know, business as usual. :) 

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Talia said...

I think I blogged once from my phone, and vowed NEVER again!! So I feel your pain. I am however (selfishly) so happy to be able to read an update on your blog! I think I stalking-ly check it at least once a day to see if there is something new up! Hope March brings you less stress, more sleep, and loads of precious memories with your cute little family of 5! xo

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