January 23, 2014

This boy....

.....is an absolute doll-baby! 
I know that all parents love their babies and think they're cute, but I have to say that Soren has been my "prettiest" newborn so far.  Good coloring, no cone head, no wrinkly "old man" look, no baby acne (so far).  He is adorable and we love him! 

 At three weeks old our little Soren:
~ is 8lb 14oz.
~ loves to be held.  In fact, if he isn't being held and he is awake, he has the pipes to voice his disapproval.  However, he is usually quick to calm down as soon as he is picked up.
~ loves to be held and snuggled specifically by his mommy (and his mommy cannot get enough of his snuggles!)

~ is still trying to get his days and nights straight
~ has a voracious appetite
~ has his sisters concerned sometimes with how much he fusses in the evenings.  I've had to explain to them that babies just need to let out their cries sometimes (at least all of mine have so far!).
~ has learned to love his baths

~ is constantly being mugged on by his sisters (and by his mom and dad!)

~ is starting to hold his head up like a champ.  This kid is strong! 
~ finally has a clean, healed-up belly button that is shaped like a cinnamon roll.  It's pretty cute. :)

We are kind of crazy about him! 

Grandma Christensen got to come up from California for a week to meet Soren:

we were soooo happy to have her and soooo sad to see her go!
We were able to have Soren blessed at church this last Sunday before Grandma had to go back home.
 His little outfit was both precious and hilarious (he did NOT like that collar!):

his tie made him look like a little stud, though (thanks, Auntie Katie!).

Loving his facial expressions:

We tried to finally get our first family photo on his blessing day.  I don't know if we got one "wall worthy" picture of the whole family, but here are a few of the more decent-ish ones:

Me and my three babies:

and a few of us with our Johnson family and our Flowerdew friends (that are basically a part of the  family):

Crazy picture!

Soren, we love you. 

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