January 25, 2014

It is Happening!

Once upon a time in 2011, this handsome man
became a doctor of chiropractics and got his start working in a local chiropractor's office.  
It has been fun to see him gain confidence, a busy schedule, and a loyal patient-base as he does what he loves.
However, we knew that someday Dr. Christensen would move out and create his own practice, and now--over two years later--that day is fast approaching.....

The past six months have included selling a lot of our possessions (including one of our cars),
moving out of our cute rental house and renting the upstairs of a friend's house, and making a dozen other "sacrifices" in the name of saving/collecting money to help finance the start of our own Chiropractic practice.

Blood, sweat, tears, frustration, countless hours, late-night "business meetings" between Garrett and I, and a pinch or two of stress have become our norm,
but now I can add excitement to that list as construction on our office is underway and we are set to open the doors to Christensen Chiropractic in just a few weeks!

I can honestly say that it has been so much more work than I anticipated, I'm bracing myself for all the work we still have ahead of us, and I would have preferred the opening of this practice to not have fallen directly after having a baby; however, despite the work, risk, and stress involved in starting a small business, this is the epitome of the American dream!
What a wonderful thing to be able to create our own business where Garrett can fulfill his dream of helping people to get out of pain and live healthier lives.
I am so proud of him for his desire to work hard and serve others.

We drove by the office yesterday to check out the construction progress and to see our newly-installed sign.  What do you think?!

The interior is ready for lighting, carpet, and paint.  Then I can go in and add my personal "touch" and get the space cozy, calming, and ready to receive patients.....in just two weeks!  Eeep!!
Stay tuned.  We have a few very busy but exciting weeks ahead of us......


Megan and Jared said...

This is so exciting!! Congratulations!

Mudnma said...

Holly if you need any help with anything, please don't hesitate to call me!!! ♥ you guys!

Mary R said...

Hey Holly! Call me or Andrew if you have any questions or want to talk office stuff. We got a lot of office furniture on overstock.com. It is super stressful we can relate! Hiring and training staff was the hardest. Are you going to hire a front desk person?

Meghan said...

What a busy beginning of the year--and utterly fantastic. Excited to see the interior (kinda fun to decorate I bet). Congratulations! You guys are great examples of saving now for something better.

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