January 9, 2014

December in Pictures

December was busy:
~ Joey and his lovely new bride, Jessica, came up for Christmas and their Open House
~ Sadie came home for Christmas
~ Katie and her family came home for Christmas
~ Loaves of Love
~ Lots of family time and get-togethers
~ Christmas
~ And oh yes, we had a baby! 

And with the exception of the baby part, I have not blogged about one bit of it. 
So I'm just going to throw some pictures up here to recap and call it good. :)

Lila has been LOVING the snow and the outdoors.  She'd stay outside all day if I'd let her.

Speaking of, it's been beautiful outside.  We've had a few nasty windstorms, but the weather hasn't been too extreme and the sunrises and sunsets against the mountains are worth it.  (Plus, while the rest of the nation is in a deep freeze, we've been enjoying a balmy 30 degrees up here in Palmer!)

Kenadie sporting a very interesting outfit:

Lila helping her Grandma Lila to decorate the Christmas tree:

Special time reading stories to my girls just days before Baby Soren's arrival.

Our Christmas Eve feast with our Johnson family followed by our favorite Christmas tradition of candle burning:

Kenadie and her cousin/BFF Brooke reunited over the holidays.  These girls went to see "Frozen" together, played in the snow, played on the Wii, and had sleepovers and Grandma's.  So much fun!

Christmas morning!  Lila is shouting "Santa!!!" right before opening her gift from Santa. 

Night light pillow pets, just what they wanted! 

Princess shoes from her cousin Corbin, Lila's most favorite gift as you can see from the smile on her face.

She also loved the dress-ups she got from Grandma and Papa Christensen.  She wears them day and night.  Literally.

And Kenadie's favorite gift?  A fairy/butterfly Barbie movie, of course.

We had Christmas dinner at Aunt Bonnie's.  Lila shimmied her way in between her grandparents for a snuggle while they read.  She sure does love them.

I loved spending time with my big sis. 

And then Baby Soren arrived and was introduced to his crazy older sisters.

 Soren's Ellis cousins loved loving on him.

 We are all a little tired after stuffing so much into December, but what can be better than a life full of family and love?!

And one of the sweet boy.
So flippin' cute!

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