January 8, 2014

A Baby Changes Everything

What happens when you welcome your third child into your family with your oldest being just 4 years old while you're in the transitory state of life that is starting a small business?
A lot of adjusting on everyone's part. :) 

The Daddy:

 This man is working his tail off to get the doors of Christensen Chiropractic officially open by next month.  What could be more perfect than to welcome a baby boy into the family at a time like this?!  And I'm not being sarcastic.  
Soren's presence in this family is grounding and calming during a busy time, and I love seeing Garrett come home from work to scoop up his baby boy and watch a football game with him.  

Garrett loves his girls to pieces and has always been the very best daddy, but there is no denying his excitement over having a baby boy.  I know he is one tired daddy, but he is also one very happy daddy.

The Mama:

Despite middle of the night feedings and tending to the girls' stomach bugs and colds that have left me with little sleep, I'd say I'm doing awesome! 
Somehow the physical recovery from this labor and delivery seems to be a little bit faster and easier.  My emotions run a little high at times, but nothing unusual.  The hardest thing has been the moments when all three children are crying and I no longer have enough hands and arms to pacify everyone.  I'm  learning how to juggle and balance it all and while it's an adjustment, it's good growth for me and I'm loving having three kids to smooch on all day.  

I have to say that I am loving this baby boy.  Girls were all I knew and honestly I would have been just fine having all girls--they're fun to dress up, they're so pretty and precious, what would I do with a boy?! 
A week into life with Soren and I'm thinking, "what would I do without this boy?!"  I'm absolutely crazy about him.  He is the most handsome, sweet, and cuddly little guy.  I've determined that mothers of boys are lucky indeed. 
(I usually pull him into bed with me at some point during the night.  I can't resist the snuggles.)


This girl LOVES her baby brother and proudly tells everyone how she changes his diapers (which means she hands me wipes and watches me change his diaper).  She's getting bold and wanting to carry him around--yikes!  So I'm finding that I need to watch her closely. 

She's had some pretty sweet meltdowns this past week, but I think they have to do more with late nights playing with cousins and too much candy and not so much to do with her new baby brother.  
She seriously loves this baby boy.

(Meeting Baby Soren for the first time)


For the first 3-4 days Lila refused to look at or acknowledge her baby brother's existence.  She'd claw at me when I was feeding Soren and then refuse my snuggles when I was ready to direct my attention towards her.  It hurt my mommy heart in my hyper-hormonal state and I've shed a few tears of guilt for turning this girl's life upside down.  She's also managed to get herself into a bit of mischief when I'm tending to Soren:

flour all over, and she's so proud of herself! 
Then magically the other day, Lila asked to hold Soren, and even kept kissing him on the head over and over.  

I caught her leaning over his swing and pinching his cheeks saying over and over, "Chubby!  You're so chubby!!"  And she say it to him at least a dozen times a day ever since. :) 

Today she wanted to play patty-cake with Soren non-stop and even attempted to pick him up "because he's so chubby!" 
So I think it's safe to say that her difficult adjustment period was nice and short and now she loves loving on baby Soren. 


This little man has some adjusting of his own to do with our current crazy lifestyle and crazy family.
I'm sure in no time he'll become an expert at putting up with doting sisters who force their love on him.  So far he has been a pretty relaxed baby--but what week-old infants aren't?!  I'm looking forward to seeing his little personality begin to come out and shine.  

A baby really changes everything, shakes up the routine, and calls for some adjusting,
and it is awesome. :) 
Life is a little busier and I feel spread a little thin, but I wouldn't trade this for anything.  We are happier, a little more kind, and our home feels a little closer to heaven having this sweet little baby around.  
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