December 7, 2013

Trip to the North Pole

What better way to bid farewell to the Hawaiian paradise then to take a family road trip to Fairbanks and North Pole, Alaska 5 days after getting home?!  Especially when the temperature in Fairbanks is -20 degrees? :)
The 6 hour car drive is actually very beautiful

and though I don't think I could survive living quite that far north, it was a fun little trip to see Santa's house and to play at the adjacent Ice Park there in the North Pole.  It was especially fun to make that trip with our Johnson cousins.
(could Garrett possibly get any sexier than having that massive Russian fur hat on?!)

The girls got to see Santa twice while we were there! 

We stopped at a local diner for dinner, a real treat for these kiddos!

We definitely had to bundle up to the max in order to survive longer than 20 seconds outside:

(love these little hams!)

And while the Ice Park was so cool and fun, the kids could only handle the cold for about 10 minutes before having to come inside to thaw out for awhile before heading back out.  

Despite being in the North Pole and seeing Santa Claus (which I thought would be super-exciting for Kenadie), the girls' favorite part of the weekend was the hotel swimming pool:

A quick and exhausting trip equals naps on the long drive home:

And now that we're back in Palmer, 34 degrees feels like a heatwave and I can't seem to keep the girls inside!  Glad we went, glad to be home.  Time to get down to business preparing for Christmas and baby brother's arrival! 

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