December 7, 2013

Baby #3 Update

34 week pregnant belly:

35 week pregnant belly:

I've been told that I am carrying "really far out" and that it looks like this will be a big baby boy.   So far my midwife says this little guy should be about the same size as my other babies, so only time will tell! :)  

At 35 weeks into my 3rd pregnancy, I am 
~ about 10 pounds heavier than I was when I delivered my girls (water weight, right?! :)
~ very grateful for the winter and that this colder weather makes for less swelling in my feet and legs than I had with my other pregnancies
~ still wearing some heavy duty compression stockings (because some swelling is just unavoidable for me)
~ not constantly nauseated, but throwing up thanks to heartburn
~ drinking massive amounts of water and never feel hydrated enough
~ down to very few items of clothing that still fit this big ol' belly
~ starting to remember just how much this whole labor thing hurts and thinking to myself, "Um, why did I want to put myself through this pain again?!"  
~ enjoying snuggling on the couch with my girls as they feel baby brother kick, punch, and spin around like crazy.  He is one active little dude! 
~ getting excited to hold this little guy here in a few short weeks
~ having frequent Braxton-Hicks contractions
~ extremely grateful for another healthy pregnancy.  Despite this last uncomfortable stretch (pun intended), I am extremely blessed to have had such uneventful, healthy pregnancies and babies.  I know of so many who would love to be in my shoes and I thank my Heavenly Father frequently for my health and ability to become a mother for the third time.   

Sometimes 5 more weeks seems like an eternity, but with Christmas just around the corner I know that this baby will probably be here before I am even prepared for him!  The countdown has begun to January 12th.  I was between 1-2 weeks early with my girls.  Any guesses as to when this little one will make his debut? :)


Anonymous said...

December 31st 11:59 PM!

katie said...

December 29 is a good date! And by the way, I have been looking more pregnant like that for the last two months and still have 3 to go.

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