December 3, 2013

Hawaii Part III

Day 6 (Friday)
We drove up to the north side of the island to hike to the Olivine Pools--another Maui "must".

They were beautiful and clear and right on the ocean with the waves crashing against the rocks. 

There were a lot of pretty views along the way.....

Then we trekked through the jungle to get to Honolua Bay for one last "hurrah" with snorkeling. 

Garrett found some vines along the way and had to try out his Tarzan skills. 
He climbed that thing in no time flat and is well over 20 ft in the air.
I love how this guy forever remains a big kid at heart. :) 

We enjoyed our last night with Garrett's parents making dinner and watching the sunset.

Days 7&8 (Saturday and Sunday)
On Saturday Garrett's parents went back home. :( 
However, it was nice to spend a little alone time for a day.

We got a rockin' deal at a hotel on Ka'anapali Beach (I honestly don't know how we scored an ocean view room for as cheap as the nearest, dumpiest Motel 6 room would have cost us?!).  The view from our balcony was awesome and the hotel grounds were beautiful.  

First on the agenda was a little of this:

Our last full day in Maui marked the first time I actually did some lounging in the sun?!
Yep! :)

And who can leave Hawaii without treating yourself to some authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice?! 

Or splurging a little on your last night to enjoy a romantic dinner by the beach?! 

The next day we flew home.  The kid-less, quality time with Garrett was so nice and so appreciated.

Sometimes I forget how much FUN it is to be married to this guy as we currently find ourselves in the chaos of raising a young family and starting a business, so the week in Hawaii was a great time to just be with my best friend. 
I am so grateful to Garrett's parents and my parents for making possible a trip that we just could not have made happen otherwise. 

I have to admit, however, that after a week away from my little girls I was reeeeally getting homesick for them.
It was so nice to come home and snuggle them, because life just isn't complete when they aren't around.

I look forward to the day when a family trip to Maui is a possibility, because let's be honest: if you can have the time of your life on vacation while being very pregnant and sick, then that must be one heck of a place to vacation!  



Taffy and Tony said...

Whew! Just finished reading all three Hawaii posts. Looks like my dream vacation. I'm so glad you guys got to go. I better start saving up for our turn!

Camber said...

You look great, Holly, and your trip sounds so fun! I think I just got a craving for that awesome shave ice out there :)

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