December 27, 2013

The Home Stretch

Here's the rundown as I enter the final stretch of this pregnancy:

How far along?: 38 weeks.  

Movement:  Little boy is crazy!  At my appt last week the midwife gave up trying to figure out baby boy's position because he was wriggling all over the place.  All we know is that he seems to be staying head down (thank heavens!), but my midwife exclaimed, "I've felt a lot of full-term pregnant bellies, but none that wiggle and jiggle this much!"  Taking after his daddy already.....

Sleep:  Interrupted and scattered between trips to the bathroom, taking care of Lila's nightmares, and dealing with heartburn.  Makes for a cranky momma most mornings, but all things considered I can't complain! 

Best moment this week: Opening my Christmas present, a JuJuBe diaper bag; big enough for all I need with 3 kiddos (2 diapered), has all sorts of fancy bells and whistles, will hopefully last me for one more baby, and is super cute! 

Miss Anything: Eating without the repercussions of horrendous heartburn.  I also miss fitting into more than just 2-3 shirts.  My belly is too big for most of my maternity clothing! 

Food cravings:  None, really, but I do look forward to eating flavorful and spicy food again without it burning my esophagus. 

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks contractions are getting stronger, especially at night. A return of "morning sickness" (sad face).  I'm nesting like crazy and am irrationally irritable at not being able to have everything "just so" and ready for baby's arrival because we don't have the space/time/means.  An inability to overcome the cold I've had for over a month. What a wonderful thing that these symptoms should immediately disappear here when baby arrives.  Hooray! :) 

Looking forward to: This little guy's arrival!  I delivered 1-2 weeks early with my girls.  I'm *hoping* that this little guy follows suit, not because of the pregnancy discomforts but because I'd love my siblings and their families who are up for Christmas to meet him before they all go home next week.  Garrett also has a few days off around New Year's and it would nice to have him home and around for a few days following baby's birth. :)

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Meghan said...

sounds like you got your wish and your sweet boy came right on time! How awesome! Enjoy lotsa family time and having your hubby to help!

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