December 22, 2013

Dear Kenadie,

My "bestest buddy".


How can you already be learning to write your name, know all your letters and their sounds, and even starting to try and sound out words?!  You are growing up too fast! 
 You are loving preschool and gave the cutest little performance with your class at your Christmas concert. 

You are becoming such a good friend to those around you.

You are learning to control that sassy little temper and Mommy has loved the fewer tantrums and more frequent smiles. :)

You love to be "big" and help out whenever possible. 

You love to boss, protect, and look after, and play with Lila: typical big sister!

We recently got you on some medication for your bladder and what a difference it has made!  You are happier and less cranky and so are Mommy and Daddy!  I think you are feeling much, much better after two years of struggles.

You love Grandma's puppy Cancun even though your love on her can be a little rough at times!

You love going to church but don't love sitting still during sacrament meeting.
Even though I think you rarely pay attention during church or during family scripture study, you have begun to recount scripture stories to me out-of-the-blue.  It is so rewarding to know that you actually are absorbing the things we teach you (and makes me realize that I have to watch all that I do and say because you are really listening and watching!).

You are a goof!

My favorite dyslexic word of yours: "reg-lee-ur" instead of "regular".  You are just too precious.

While your sister lives to be outside, you live to play with friends and have been loving having your BFF and cousin Brookie up for the holidays. 
You anticipated going to the theatres with her to see "Frozen" for WEEKS and it was the greatest incentive for good behavior I've ever had! 

You love to "give baby brother hugs and kisses" even though he is still in Mommy's tummy.

You endlesslsy crack us up with your stories and ideas.  At first your baby brother's name was "Sonic".  Now his name is "Loves its Momma".  And you've recently informed me that after baby brother gets here, Mommy will have a baby sister in her tummy that we will name "Sparkle Loves its Momma"!

You have renamed yourself "Twilight Sparkle Kenadie". 

You love to sing and make up your own songs. 

You measure time in "sleeps".  For example, you woke up today and exclaimed, "Only 3 more sleeps until Christmas!!"

You ask nearly every day how many sleeps until we go visit your cousin Benny.
You sure do love that boy!

 You are too much fun not to love to bits, little girl! Thanks for letting me be your mommy and for being my best little buddy.

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